6 Reasons Why Remote Workers Are Better For Your Business
1. Have Happier Workers
Zero commute time means more time with family and friends. When workers don't need to commute 30 minutes or more fighting traffic to get to their office, then they are able to spend more time with their family and friends. 

Also, commuting has been linked to weight gain, increased stress, loneliness, and quite literally causes a pain in the neck.

Working from home means less costs incurred for the worker. Employees have gas expenses, lunch food costs when they eat out, and a higher risk of having an accident on the road. 
Happier remote workers means less competition from other businesses trying to steal your workers. The happier your team members are with their job, the longer you'll be able to keep them. 

Some of the biggest reasons why workers change jobs is due to commute times, job satisfaction, and salary.
2. Lower Labor Costs
With remote workers, you won't need to pay for an office or pay other office related costs - parking, insurance, electricity, internet, etc. 

They only work when you want/need them to. If you have a slow week and not a lot of work for your team, then you won't need to pay for a full 40 hours when only 15 is needed. 
Employees can be expensive with having to offer benefits (insurance and 401K matching), cover a portion of taxes, offer paid time off, company wide functions, etc. 

When you have remote workers, everyone can be a 1099 contractor instead of W2 employees. 

3. Source Better Talent
If you live in a smaller town, your access to great talent may not be the best. When you hire remote, you're able to access top experts that could be in another state, or even country.

You can hire an expert with top tier talent and only need them for a few hours per week - this is totally possible. 

When you're entire team is remote, this will also free up your time and obligations. Imagine being able to go wherever whenever you want. Have the ability to work from Italy for a month, then go to Australia, then to Antarctica to live in an igloo. 

As long as you have access to WIFI, then you're good to go. 
4. More Productive Workers
When a person is working remote and out of their home, they're isolated from the daily distractions that take place in an office; they aren’t tasked with impromptu meeting requests, or idle chats from colleagues. 

Instead they can hone in on the task at hand without interruption. They can put on some tunes and really get into the zone. 

When you set deadlines and milestones for certain projects to be finished by specific dates and times, then you can hold your team accountable and ensure that your business is running efficiently. 

5. Less Team Disputes 
Team members can sometimes get into disagreements and the boss ends up being the mediator instead of focusing on company growth. This can lead to turnover, unhappy employees, and potentially legal troubles. 

We're not saying this would never happen with a remote team, but it's far less likely to happen. 

There are still ways of having a company culture even though everyone may not be in the same building. 

Also, depending on the age of your worker, many times they will have life events that will prevent them from showing up to work on time or are needing to take a few days off. When you have a remote situation, it tends to be easier to allow for this to occur. 
6. Less Worker Turnover
High worker turnover leads to high training costs, high costs in job postings, and wasted labor costs with management spending time in interviews and reading resumes. 

Jobs that require high levels of training and education will have even higher turnover costs.

Nearly 66% of employees say they would rather take a new job in order to eliminate their commute and work from home.

Now, we understand there are some jobs that it's just impossible to have as a remote position, but for all of the positions where it is possible to hire remote, we invite you to explore it. 

Here's How To Find The Best Remote Workers!
Take 60 seconds to learn why FreeeUp.com exists and how it helps business owners hire reliable remote workers without extensive recruitment and interviewing.
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How To Become A Client
Signing up is fast, free, and easy. 

Navigate to the marketplace signup form and fill out details about your business, set up a payment method, and sign the site's terms of use. 

You will gain access to your FreeeUp account where you can request your first worker and track your worker's hours.

If you have any questions in the process, simply email, Skype, or call the marketplace and you'll be walked through the steps.
How Does FreeeUp Find Workers?
The FreeeUp Marketplace get hundreds of applicants every week from a network of job platforms and social media groups.

All workers go through an interview process by which they prove their high level understanding of their skill set and communication best practices.  FreeeUp accepts less than 1% of applicants to keep only the best in the network.

FreeeUp also has an amazing worker referral program that allows the best workers in the network to refer their friends and family to become a worker.
How Does FreeeUp Make Money? 
What Are The Fees?
There are no startup or monthly fees to use FreeeUp for hiring remote workers. 

If you're told that a worker costs $8.00 per hour for their skill set, you will pay $8.00 per hour.

FreeeUp takes a 15% fee out of the hourly rate and then pays the remainder to the freelancer. FreeeUp handles all billing between the client and worker, but the business relationship is ultimately up to the two parties to decide upon. 

How Do I Hire And Meet My Worker?
The process to hire and meet your worker is super simple...

1) Sign up as a client

2) Request a worker anytime you want via your FreeeUp account

3) Get introduced to the worker

4) 15 minute interview if you wish via Skype, phone call, or whichever platform that is easiest for you

5) Confirm hire or provide feedback, so you can be introduced to another worker.

6) Start working with your worker
Am I Allowed To Interview The Worker Before Hiring?
You can interview with your worker for 10-15 minutes about their background, skillsm and experience, but they must be hired before doing any testing, set up, consulting, work etc. 

Once you finish interviewing a worker, just confirm the hire within your FreeeUp account and you can get started right away. 

FreeeUp is very much a fast-hire company, so it is recommended that you request workers right when you need them. Delaying meetings, interviews, and start dates can result in the workers being booked by other clients.
What Makes FreeeUp Different From Other Online Hiring Platforms?
FreeeUp was built to remove the time and hassle of posting jobs and interviewing that so many business owners encounter when hiring online. 

Instead of posting a job, receiving applications, and having to decide on the best one, you simply fill out the Worker Request form which communicates exactly the worker that you need.

Your request will be posted for all freelancers within the network to see on a first-come, first-serve basis and you will be introduced to the best candidate for the project.
How Do I Pay For My Workers?
FreeeUp bills clients on each Thursday for all hours billed by their freelancers for the week before. 

Billing periods run from Wednesday through Tuesday of each week. 

Clients have the ability to pay their workers through ACH transfers, credit card, or a PayPal retainer. 
All retainer funds are 100% refundable if not used.
How Do I Know This Is Safe?
Hiring any worker always comes with a risk. The FreeeUp Marketplace does its best to introduce you to the most trustworthy and reliable workers available. It is in the marketplace's best interest to keep clients safe and secure.

It is very tough for workers to get into the network because of the rigid interview process. Once they are in, they want to stay in. If a worker ever breaks marketplace policies, they are banned from offering their services through the site.

For all payments, the site is SSL secure and the marketplace uses Stripe or PaySimple for all payment processing.
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