Who Is It Written For?
This book was written for anyone who wants to start, grow, and lead their own million dollar business with little to no outside investment.
Do you want to start, grow, and lead your own online business? Do you feel stuck in the current position with your business venture and wish that you had more time in each day? In Free Up Your Business, serial entrepreneur Connor Gillivan speaks about 50 actionable secrets that you can implement to successfully launch and grow a million dollar company. 
With close to a decade of experience building and leading million dollar online companies...
Connor explains how each secret can impact your business and provides tantalizing stories from his experiences working with his business partner, Nathan Hirsch.
The duo have created a proven mindset to building high value companies 
that the book shares with you. In these pages, you’ll discover: 
  • How to bootstrap your financials from the ground up
  •  How to create a 1 year strategic plan while focusing on the present
  •  How to build an internal team and lay the foundation for them
  •  How to prioritize your time and delegate tasks
  •  How to build and retain loyal groups of customers 

"Building million dollar companies takes consistent effort to grow as a business leader. If you are an ambitious entrepreneur looking to add true value to your business, this book is for you."
Connor Gillivan
6 chapters of the book:
  • Chapter 1: Get the Financials Down
  •  Chapter 2: Create Your Strategic Plan...With An Open Mind
  •  Chapter 3: Build a Reliable, Trusting, and Intelligent Team
  •  Chapter 4: Lead and Organize Like a Real Boss
  •  Chapter 5: Make Sure You Are Prioritizing
  •  Chapter 6: Always Put the Customer First

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